Sunday, January 24, 2010


Day 1

Kickstarting one of my favourite, bookmarked, cannot-miss event of the year was Karen Millen.

Being familiar with her work, I found this collection to be somewhat "seen-that, own-that" and rather "wearable". I am not really fond of the "wearable look" for ramp-use because I think it hinders the creatives from watering the look down (which should a-l-w-a-y-s be the case unless you're pulling straight-off the ramp looks) and translating it into something, umm... wearable; for the everyday working gal. Her strongest looks, displayed above, were defined by Balmain-popularized shoulders and elegant LBDs with lace and embellished material - a little too safe for my liking...

Spero Villioti was next!

This show was freche and had me fixated on the amazing sihlouettes, the burst of colour and the interesting use of satin and chiffon - mind you, this is the autumn/winter collections! So in the dead of nipple-stand season, chiffon is suggested as the material of choice? YEAH, only if you're in humid Durban will such fly - back in Joburg? Questionable! But, I guess, it is the designer's ideal... their fantasy... their perfect world were the wind seduces your body while the lace seemingly brushes against you - all very haute! - but again, in the real world; the dead cold wind is more likely to scrape your epidermis than to seduce.

This show redefined winter. As with most fashion houses that displayed their work just a week earlier in Milan: lace, satin and chiffon made all the rage so I guess you can be bang on trend by Villiotirizing your closet (I have my eyes set on a certain delightful piece)...

Back to the issue: I, however, thought the bubblegum-and-strawberry-candyfloss close was a let down considering the same candy floss made an appearance in a fierce grey-cloudy number with satin and plenty of tulle - I found that to have more POW than the finale piece. Have a peak below and let me know which one dya think is the stonger look:

Grey cray-cray number? Barbie? Neither nor?

While we were still busking in Villioti's ambience - Machere took to the ramps. After seeing Machere's last work gracing the ramps (the Zion collection) with rich earth tones polished off with minimal, effortlessly executed and well-thought-through styling - I was expecting another moving episode where I'll be inspired to do something, anything! Well, it delivered in terms of tickling my fancy but it was too reminiscent of their last collection. The music, the similar bright rich colours, the same sombre yet motivating music... Yeah, yeah - "it's the same fashion house so i should not expect too much change" - but why not? Atleast the smallest of change such as, umm, the music? Fashion is forever changing, the wheel keeps turning and you never want to find your self on the track-marking side... keep up, change with times or your impact will be as good as another pebble on the beach. My favourite pieces - and there were several fabulous ourfits - were:

The thread, ofcourse, was the organza head piece. These in most cultures, including mine, typify a successful femme fatal or more appropriately, forms part of the headgear seen at funerals (which, again, usually adorns the successful lady's head) and this just reiterated the strong feeling of church which, as mentioned, is an overlap of their previous show. Loved it nontheless, but slightly disappointed.

(credit for all pics goes to the tremendously talented Simon Deiner - under African Fashion Inernational's official website)

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