Monday, January 25, 2010

Audi Joburg Fashion Week

Wild Fig and August

how girly is this? it's too cute... lurv't!

This unimaginative piece should not be too hard to rock... lurv its simplicity!

August ( top) did it, Thula Sindi (middle) did it, Antik Batik ( bottom) did it, should I do it?

Doreen Southwood and Abigail Keats took the ramps next

The strong start in Doreen's collection promised many corporate gals eye-candy - with the wonderful high collar shirts with wonderful couture high waist skirts, but it was the pillow-case effect, as seen on the second picture above, which threw me over a bit. I think there was something missing or there was a little too much of something - can't put my finger on it just yet...

Abigail Keats (left) and Thula Sindi (right)... mmm.... Big difference? the MAJOR difference? well... material, but really now?

Southern Sun Hotels Lingerie Show - Featuring Dax Martin.

Think tasteful nudity, Flirtatious, Lace, Suede, Satin, girly-gal things... Afterall it's a lingerie show!
Lurv'd the Dominatrix accessories on some of the pieces - nothing like a taboo subject to cause drama right?

but how scene-de-seduction is this? lurv'n't!

look at the detail and talent that went into that gown - wouldn you just like to pull a "Brooke Forrester" (you know what im talking 'bout) wearing this?

ooohh! Bring on the boys!! Feather-boa and all! Beautifully camp!

The nipple tassles have gotta go!! It's very go-go-dancer at a carnival in the outbacks of Texas, trying hard to fit in anywhere but the outbacks of HEEE-HAAA-land

Fundudzi by Craig Jacobs (sponsored by plascon) - yes, that would be the paint company. What did I anticipate? splashes of paint either in the clothes or on the runway. I was sooo excited i nearly fell of my front row seat until the ushers revealed the ramp - only to reveal a dismal white standard ramp... then my excitement elevated to what the rather conservative Fundudzi would give us. It had nothing to do with the sponsors, it was a typical Fundudzi show (not complaining!) with an intelligently, highly amusing finale (constucted on the ramp):
What started off as a simple skin-tight dress, ended up as a couturesque piece with plenty to dissect and appreciate, this is how it happened:

There were 4 lines within the show; each with a piece on the finale representing the lines:
The modern skin-tight dress
The hessian (which represented the "African" pieces)
The tassled satin-chiffon overthrow (representing the satin and chiffon collections)
The final hand-knit bolero (obviously representing the knitwear).

The red dress got a kick in the right direction after the couch throw over (yes the was a couch at the top of the runway where the model could see the show and show us how to DIY in a cost-effective way which i lurv'd given the frugalista I've become) made of hessian material folded on itself to become the delightlful wrap-around dress. That got a modern twist with what used to be the lamp shade (see pics 2 and 3 above, comapre the two lamp shades, see wha i mean?) which made the tassled overthrow of the hessian wraparound - layering, guess it's back. Finally the bolero was a framed artwork which was brocken to reveal the lovely knitwear. WELL DONE CRAIG!!!
We were amused!

AND, my dear Lawd, (the award winning and highly-highly aniticipated) Heni took to the ramps and did not - for one second - dissapoint!
The dramatic stage-like setup at the top of the runway was my first point of delight. It had a very Casablanca (Morocco) feel with an Egyptian Twist - I knew I was about to see a reincarnate of Cleopatra and all her rumoured good looks.

very eau-la-la, doncha think?

There are really no words to describe where Heni took me with this collection - even my Tweets (I've become an obssessed midshow tweeter) were incoherent... It made me think of David Tlale's 2008 autumn/winter collection when mannings (man's leggings) caused rampus on the (couture) campus. More on David later, but do you see any similarities between Heni and David (or am I just to quick eyed and too eager to point out designer similarities even if there aren't any? SAVE ME!!)

(pics curtesy of Simon Deiner, under Africa Fashion International's official website, , and


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