Thursday, February 4, 2010

New Swatch Watch Launch

Swatch decided, before they can move forward with their edgy and lovable watch collections, to review and reflect on where it all started; the neon-coloured plastic watch. Super-cute! Very late 80s and 90s (yes there was some kind of fashion identity in the nineties, not clearly defined though , sad!) looking numbers but very relevant with the rise of the smartees look.

I happen to be one of those rare species whose blood (or something) does not seem to agree with chronometers; I've gone through too many watches, each lasting anything from two weeks to two months - so my stint as my own personal time keeper are over... Perhaps I should think of it as Carrie Bradshaw would; I should not own a watch, everybody, wherever I am, seem to always tell me what time it is (because I am usually late but that's a story for another day).

Wednesday evening, I trotted into the lovely Sandown Valley building - the event venue - to be met by a lovely looking lass who immediately pointed me towards the bar (sweet but worries me; my lips were either dry and chaffing or I've developed everyone who drinks' worst nightmare; yes, that face!)... The well lit room with pedestal's upon pedestals showcasing the jewelry range (rings with dangling bits attached, neckpieces and bracelets - all in a rather conservative design) formed the perfect backdrop to what would've otherwise been a room full of well dressed people sipping on exotic cocktails. I felt right at home given that i too opted for a rather non-DeGorge outfit - too conservative to describe without cringing *I clutch my pearls as I write this*

Other than yours truly; guests included fashion-beauty-editors/writers/assistants, a handful of music heavyweights (DeGorge Stoan being one of them *haaaa, blush*) and socialites who live to fill their calender with event dates.

Although the sudden storm threatened to ruin a perfect night out on the terrace of the DeGorge building; I enjoyed it thoroughly, from the DJ who accommodated all music tastes to the food that refused to finish, including the gorgeous goodie-bag (I'm loving the bracelet, not my regular bling-trick but makes a nice butch statement *insert laugh here*), the cute candy, sherbet and lollipops that adorned tables - all very 90s donya think? and and and...

Merci beaucoup Swatch! Looking forward to the next injection!

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