Sunday, February 7, 2010

Twilight Saga New Moon Exclusive party

The sound of the theme induced thoughts of mystical and mythical creatures, superheroes (and immediately thought Suzaan Heyns), the dark world, in short; all that is preached and predicted to happen in Sci-fi epics when it's a Full moon. This was the Twilight Saga New Moon Exclusive Party hosted by Mimoney, Ster Kinekor and the lifestyle PR-can't-go-wrong-with-specialists Total Exposure .

Having spent the day sprucing myself and channeling "Suzaan Heyns" for the perfect piece that would drape across my contoured body, I was ready to face the music, destination: Taboo Club (Sandton).

It's not very often that I walk into a venue and feel, slightly - just a wee bit - overdressed. But in this instance I did. Unlike others, I clearly read too much into the the title and theme of the party. My black longsleeved chinese-meets-japan-meets the-west-inspired, batman-winged dress with wetlook-mannings was well-planned, well-executed, well-received but gave me much "Gloria" moments (Dion Chang's alter-ego); hit and miss! In theory, the outfit was ideal for a party where not much dancing was anticipated, but I completely forgot that I still had to use my hands (and arms) if not to drink, then to embrace my darling friends and hold my heavy-metal detailed deep purple long-strap bag - and between all the social mayhem, I had to make sure the beehive that adorned my head stayed in place while the hood covered just the right amount of hair... in short - I was headed towards a disaster - but, as usual, my excellent grooming into the social-scene made the task, um... manageable. Flick of the hair, pinning of this here-and-there, a rather intimate touch on the hip while air-kissing fellow guests, Taboo's check-in counter and elongated straws for my drink(s) saw my outfit oversight turning from a mountain of problems to a mere anthill, actually make that problem-free!!

Plenty of celebrities and A-list socialites were present but the most exciting to see, by a mile, had to be Gerry Elsdon. She had a diamante-or-some-other-shiny stones embedded in her leg-cast (and on that, note to self: don't let injury stop you from being seen in public).

The whole set-up was a bit strange; tiny VIP area, huge DeGorge seating area for non-VIP guests under a huge white, well lit tent (not quite a marquee) - that, to me, looked more "VIP" worthy than the squashed lack of seating I found in the VIP area. Another awkward deco-moment was the mini-photo booths placed around the dancefloors, but being one who suffers from a mild case of vanity, I did like this, a lot!

I did, however, enjoy getting my face redone at the makeup stations. Although their ability to execute a smokey-eye is questionable - but they were brill! just Brill!

This was another fabu-bu-bu (I am liking this word) event with plenty to see, do and wonderful kodak moments. The scene for the movie has been set; can't wait!

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