Monday, March 8, 2010

Best Headwrap

I've had the privilege of residing in 3 provinces (although I have visited all but Eastern Cape, working on it) and with each comes a distinct fashion trend. But the people who I always find interesting to watch are those that - due to culture, religion or whatever the case may be - are "forced" (for a lack of a better word) to subscribe to certain dress codes.
My first encounter with this, growing up in culture-rich Limpopo, was the Zion Christian Church where the women have to wear a green and black fleece-material badge with a silver metal piece either in the form of a pigeon or a star - depending on the "denomination" of the church you fall under - and a headwrap (popularly referred to as a "doek"). For the fashion conscious in that church, this may pose as a challenge as without even thinking, you already have a thread in all your garments and you have to come up with new and exciting ways to adorn your head with this doek.
Those who are willing to go the extra mile to be current in their church garb, I guess, should perhaps take notes from The House of Machere's 2008/2009 fall collection which saw many of the rich colour tones from the church being transformed into highly wearable, everyday looks - including the intricately constructed headwraps.

Back to my point though - I was strolling in Sandton when I bumped into this girl who goes to the aforementioned church; wears her badge proudly (as I truly and wholeheartedly believe they should) but it was what adorned her head that saw me doing what I never really do - randomly taking snaps, on my phone nogal.
-Pardon the picture quality - but how DeGorgeous is this? The convolutions on the one side of the wrap were done to perfection. Lurv'd her!

(House of Machere collage pic sourced from virtual colleague; Nadirah)

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