Sunday, March 7, 2010

Introducing: Mondays as Thread alerts!

Having been inspired by the one too many fashion weeks that took place in the past two and a half months and Elle dress for a month (here)- I thought I'd have a little fun and introduce thread weeks.

This is how it's going to work (and I hope you join in and let's share thoughts, creativity and just have good ol' fun):

Sunday I gather thread week ideas (post them on this blog, email or tweet it if you have any ideas) share it via twitter (that evening) so that we are all on the same page and Monday we start "threading". In short - pick one item that you are willing to wear the whole week (yes - you can wash it in between); style it up, dress it up, dress it down; whatever but just wear it for a week. Typical examples are gloves, scarfs, a shirt... get the drift?

Irrespective of your situation, you have to carry the thread through! it could be a high profile meeting or a typical week - you need to carry it through. Post pics to my email addy which I'll upload on friday to see who rocqued the thread!

A thread, for those who raised an eyebrow in confusion, is that one key element (usually in a fashion collection) that carries over from one outfit to the next and therefore linking items in a fashion show. Comprende?
So let's have fun?

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