Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Marie Claire Prix D'excellence de la Beaute

The Venue (Melrose Arch) was the venue! Beautiful, Elegant, Soft Lighting; my favourite, makes everything look, umm... beautiful and dramatic.
Marie Claire, in conjunction with Edgars (who went all out with their branding, including napkins), hosted a wonderful Awards soiree and they did not spare on anything; including the goodie bags which received a fleet of mentions on twitter (just shied away from being a trending topic) - but given someone's lack of calculating-capabilities; not everybody got one, alas there'll always be a spoiler to a good event.

Many familiar faces in the beauty-fashion industry also made an appearance: Jane Raphaely (South Africa's answer to Rupert Murdoch ie. Founder and Chair of Associated Magazines), Uyanda Mbuli (socialite and owner of Diamond Face Couture and a general-glamozon), Isidingo cast members (*cringe* I only know their characters' names), Zanele Kumalo (Beauty Editor of Elle - who, word has it, is moving to Marie Claire - joining her sister, Zodwa Kumalo-Valentine, the Chief Bureau of Marie Claire Johannesburg), Sharon Becker (Marie Claire's new Fashion Editor, snatched from Elle Magazine), Phillipe Mazubuko (fashion guru), Dion Chang (swallow a pill of arsenic if you've never heard of him; CEO of Flux Trends and Fashionista-at-large for Elle magazine), and, ofcourse, the many faces of Brand managers/ambassadors of beauty powerhouses.

The Isidingo ladies - well so much for "the need"

Dion Chang with Andrissa Farreira and Sylvie Huford

Zanele Kumalo (centre) flanked by Karin Orzol (left) and Magadalena Szulfer (right)

As a fellow blogger mentioned on her website, LeloB, The Prix D'excellence de la Beaute are the Oscars of the beauty industry and "without any further ado, here are the [winners]"

Care Category: Givenchy Le Soin noir

Make-up Category: Guerlain Rouge G de Guerlain

Local Citations (these are the products that did not win, but deserved a mention) were:

Care Category:
- Elizabeth Arden Prevage Body Total Transforming Anit-ageing Moisturizer

- Chanel Precision Sublimage Essential Regenerating Fluid (don't you just looove saying sublimage? don agree? huh?)

- Lancome Genefique Youth Activator

Make-up Category:

- Givenchy Le Prisme Soft Compact Face Powder

- Lancome Oscillation Vibrating Infinite Powermascara (if memory serves me right, Estee Lauder got the recognition for their TurboLash Oscillating mascara at the 2009 ceremony- exploding the "who did it best" debates - google't!)

- Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation SPF 15

And that marked the end of the awards CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL WINNERS!! (and not a moment to soon - I was getting abut restless)

My attention then immediately switched to other guests who made quite an impression on me:

Marie Claire (South Africa) editor, Aspasia Karras, wore a lovely pleated-tartan number by Catherine Malandrino. (BTW The April issue was her first as editor, so it should be interesting too see how things develop - but so far; job well-done!)

Aspasia Karras with Kwaito first lady (does she still go by that title?), Tamara Dey

Sharon Becker, aforementioned Fashion Editor of Marie Claire in a Tiaan Nigel stunner (from his Elle challenge collection, if my memory is on track), poses with PR Manager for Associated Magazines, Jaco-Louis Groenewald

Uyanda Mbuli's stunning killer heels by Casadei and a lovely maxi dress with minimal drama but plenty of impact (tempted to say by DFC... and if that's the case SA Fashion week is bound to be interesting - but a birdie suggested JJ Schoemann).

Cindy Nel with Uyanda Mbuli

And in keeping with my thread of the week - "animal print" - , this is how I worked it (notice how i pop my name under the list of people who made an impression on me; vain? NAH!) *yesterseason's vogue pose, embarrassed*:outfit breakdown: leopard print scarf (flea market find), royal blue shirt (revived old number from my heavy days- Edgars), Navy blue Riding pants (Marion&Lindie), super-long hook-detail belt (find out when I introduce "frugalisting," you'll love this!).

Aspasia's first cover as Editor - you know what to do...

(Pics courtesy of Max Marx)

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