Friday, March 19, 2010

Thread week 1! shoo

This week's thread ended with me getting a little tired of the leopard print scarf - it started feeling more like a noose than an accessory worth displaying like a peacock.
There are only a handful of methods one can implore to display (the same) scarf;
-the neck (as meant to be worn)
-the obi belt (by far the most difficult)
-a belt (except the scarf was not chiffon - and too chunky - therefore making the look too hippy to be hip)
-on another accessory - ie bag
Are there any other great ides? and sarong or me hiring a seamstress is not my idea of an idea. Just to digress a little - I've always said to a friend that one of my biggest dreams is to learn how to stitch, cut and general sewing skills and owning a domestic sewing machine. I would be Chanel Coco-ing all the way before any event... make that everyday (definition of Chanel Coco-ing, please watch Coco avant garde and note what she does whenever she has to dress-up a little).

This is how i rocqued the looks this week:

My Obi belt attempts never saw the otherside of my Apartment door... and until that day comes; that pic will stay in my laugh-a-minute album.

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thanks babe for your loving your so funny on the comment :) i love this scarf and the last post love the silver high/w pants combo love love love :)

keep up the good work xx