Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Winter Lusts - Shoe issue

I have been so engulfed by what is on the fashion scene at the moment that I have decided to draw a list of my wants and needs for this season (most are just dreams to be honest - not on my budget atleast).
Alexader McQueen's Armadillo shoes: These shoes are my ultimate dream!! I do not wear stilletoes but I will make an exception for these. If there was no waiting list - I think I would have a "For Sale" on my car. These are not shoes... they are Avant Garde Perfection!
I am in love with the thigh-high riding boots. I need them to have minimal detail, snug in all the right areas and soft and flexible in the knee area or a slight flare from the knee upwards (I still need to walk!). Whether I will look good in them is questionable. The covetable gap between the thighs is essential for this look to avoid, as I put it on twitter, enough friction to cause sparks and flames between your thighs. This pair, pictured above, are by Prada and have that lovable "round nose" which is soo winter and soo desirable!
YUMMY! I am so in love with Chloe of late and these ankle studded booties are not extinguishing my passion. Hideous as all sin as they may be - they are DeGorge! They have that in-the-moment studs, the heavy buckle detail, slight slouchy look - all very rock-star. I love them!
For something I can afford: the Plimsoles! They are crossing seasons with me! they will be a little tricky to pull off but with the right stockings/socks I think they will make subtle impact; like the perfect mascara (discreet but have quite an impact). They are not the most fashionable key piece but thrown under skinny-jeans with a peak of a neon sock in the same colour as the shirt/top should make DeGorge view (ps. the shirt should not be neon!!).
The real gentleman's shoe: the Brogues! These shoes are... look at them again before reading, I'll wait... ... ... how DeGorge are they? now Brogues work with just about anything except for shorts! Jeans, trousers, mannings, leggings, jeggings (which I HATE!)... a bit more tricky with the latter 3 (the length is of the utmost importance). These shoes make quite a statement on their own (round nose, that pattern, solid, quality, and perhaps a little more exciting colour than black and brown) - I am after these grey ones with suggestions of nude colours... stunning!

Note: A HUGE no-no on shoes this season : UGGS, uuurghs! They look wrong, they look out of place anywhere other than the artics and they do not work with anything. I have only ever people with "wheel-alignment" problems (people with strange walking/stepping patterns) wearing them and they are a dead-giveaway of this flaw; a-v-o-i-d!

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Anonymous said...

I googled brogues and found this picture attached to your site...thank you SO much for being just as disgusted by Uggs as I am!