Monday, April 12, 2010

NEW look

So I, unintentionally, raised a few eyebrows when I went for the "chop" on Saturday. A friend went as far as saying that my hair was part of my brand (say wha?) and that I would loose some of my spark - newsflash: I AM NOT MY HAIR (thanks India Arie).

Here are the pics: before and after for those who where pressing for me to "mms" them.

I quite like it! No Regrets, yet! It was like saying goodbye to an old nagging friend of 7.5 years.

Had a funny moment when a colleague literally came up to me to introduce himself to the new employee... HA!

PS> my hair is NOT for sale to those who've been enquiring. *wink*


Dladla said...

Talk about drastic changes. LOL'. But, you look good still. I mean, even if you didn't, I should think it's your right to cut or keep your hair. And, you're doing that for yourself.

Otherwise, I know what you mean, by people failing to recognise you when you've shaved. I went through that in 2007. But, mine was an afro.

Maque DeGorgeous said...

thank you!

It was very strange initially.

But I am loving it now - obviously I have to finish my hair therapy (to get back to my hair's natural texture - realised that dreadlocks really damaged my hair) but I see the possibilities are endless!! LOVE'T.