Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Winter... my new diet season

It just occurred to me that perhaps I could use my Microbiology and Biotechnology training into something practical and useful in my surge to size zero... okay maybe a 4.

Would it be possible for me to freeze myself into my Marion and Lindie Riding pants? Not to wander from the idea, but: I was adamant that I would fit into my size 4s - which I purchased over 2 years ago - if I followed the Special K diet to a T and substitute the one meal a day with a salad - dressed in seasoned balsamic vinegar, of course - and exercised (push-up here and sit-up there and spot-jogging). My schedule; between sleeping, my 9-to-5 and hitting the dance floor somewhere on the regular, just did not permit the latter part of my "strict" diet. #EpicFail!

So the question remains, is it possible for me to freeze myself into my size 4s? well... yes, but it would require my acrophobic, arachnophobic, phobophobic self to brave it out! Challenge!

The idea behind it was born out of watching late-night infomercials which were pushing sales for this vibrating machine which you stand on and another gadget with electric pulse-pads which you attach strategically across your body and twitch your muscles until biceps, triceps and DeGorge abs protrude out (and where the fat goes is beyond my comprehension). In essence, your body "shivers" and twitches until you get the desired body. Now that to me does not make sense! There should be some scientific, Biochemistry-embedded reason why this could possibly work, if it's not a huge scam. The only other natural reaction a body could have, which is parallel to what these "miracle" machines do, is literally, to shiver! This is where freezing comes in handy.

The body tries to maintain it's core temperature at 36 odd degrees Celsius and any fluctuating of this would cause the body to either generate heat (shivering) or cool off (perspiring/glowing) to achieve this core temperature (which are all energy-requiring activities). These are the basic principals of homeostasis.

Just to elaborate a little more on a linking idea of that: eating (especially carbs and other fast energy releasing foods) generate enough energy for the body to shiver when need be and therefore keeping us warm... In my humble understanding, if there is no energy-building block for the body to use, fat gets broken down to create an energy building block thus resuming the aforementioned energy consumption causing the shivering - which is a muscle spasm - I've successfully managed to convince myself that this the equivalent of sit-ups, spot-jogging and ilk -. If you really think about it you'll come to the same conclusion; I have never seen anyone mid-workout shivering from the cold (perhaps from strain but not from the cold)...

Obviously there are some health implications (as with taking vitamin A,B,C,D,E,K supplements - nice try you're thinking hey? but I'm being serious!)) but under careful monitoring, these can be overlooked.

On that note: I will be ready to sashay in my perfect-fit M&L riding pants for spring.

First step: Record what I eat Monday - Sunday (to be honest, I really do not know what I eat half the time) and note the bad days.
Second step: Revisit the adjusted-by-Maque Special K diet, it's a must this winter!

Think Thin!

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