Thursday, May 27, 2010

LaQuan Smith

Been doing a lot of reading about designers coming for Africa Fashion Week (I think I've been overly focused on AFW, heck: I'm excited! JUST GET yourself there!) and been receiving interesting feeds about what to expect and blah-blah, yadda-yadda... all very interesting and I will give you feedback when all is confirmed.
This post is, however, dedicated to a young, stiletto-rocquing (so New York!) design phenomenon who goes by the name of LaQuan Smith! He'll be showing at Africa Fashion Week and his previous work has been amazing - very... ummm... conceptual and almost Avant garde.
Big names such as Tyra "Fierce" Banks wear his work and with a list of friends including Andre Leon Talley (who also endorses him and you know what that means, right?), LaQuan is about to blow us away! HECK: even GAGA sashays in LaQuan's work!

OKAY, at the risk of this being turned into a photobloggy, I'll stop here... but you get the picture... see you at the Show *crosses fingers*

After-thought: and they say Vogue Africa will do nothing for our designers? HA! bring on ALT, get endorsed and see what happens to your brand... viva Vogue Africa!

PS> LaQuan and team have HUGE plans when they get here... more later

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