Monday, May 31, 2010

Africa Fashion Week - New York (AFWNY)

I mentioned AFWNY in an earlier post (with numerous questions) and I finally managed to get one or two of them answered.

The South African designer chosen to showcase his work is *drumroll* Darryl Jagga.
Here's his story:

"A graduate of New York’s FIT, Jagga worked at Calvin Klein, Victor Costa, and Castle Starr before launching his own line." (Claire from my fashion daily read)

Short sweet and establishes his prowess.

He is, by no means, new to the New York Fashion Weeks. He showcased an impressive Iceland-inspired collection he titled 43.46 (after his parent's birth years) earlier this year - his Fall 2010 collection.
The DeGorgeous mansions are screaming: "break a leg!"

I'll be honest and say that I love how they've constructed this fashion week!
- The first two days (15 and 16th of July) are dedicated to Runway Fashion Shows - featuring 17 designers (African and Africans in the Diaspora)
- Saturday the 17 th: A Trunk/Sample Sale. And a Soiree later (I assume it's to get the industry folk to mingle?)
- Sunday the 18th : Fashion Workshop/Panel (how exciting does that sound? A "dezign Ndaba" immediately after Fashion Week... nice! The not-so-fashionable will be taught how to incorporate their trunk-sale buys using the fashion shows as inspiration and a stylist for direction! This set-up makes soo much sense. I LOVE it!)

This is obviously set up to make a success out of the designer, nothing else! Magnificent!

And no! Arise is not involved (not as far as production and sponsorship is involved), Adiree Fashion Agency is hosting it.

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