Friday, May 21, 2010

More fashion weeks...

What did I say about raining? Correction; it's hailing!

Just heard: There's going to be a Africa Fashion Week New York from the 12th to the 18th of July (dying to attend *weeps*)!

Evidentally the winner of the Designer of the Year will not be attending this fashion week - or am I being haste in deducing this? it's such short notice! Unless all designers were informed of this and were requested to prepare a collection should they win. Or does the winner get to attend the September New York Fashion week? or is the prize different this year? What is it?
SIGH, so many questions, where do I begin?

More quick question though: Will Jewel by Lisa (Nigerian based designer, shared the Afrise Africa Fashion Week designer of the year award with David Tlale) be attending the New York Africa Fashion Week because I do not remember seeing her name on Africa Fashion Week (South Africa). And Eric Raisana (Madagascar-based dsigner)?

And what about the rumoured Arise Fashion Week? or is this the fashion week hosted by them? *scratching my head* okay, end of post... no point in waffling on with questions.

But I will sniff around for answers! AND which African designers are showing in New York.

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