Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Winter Lusts: the Jacket/Coat issue

Winter is my favourite fashion season. Looking dashing is made easy by accessorizing with, say; a heavy knit scarf or a beautiful pashmina, gloves (making headlines these day) and earmuffs (have to own!!). I will touch on all these in a later Winter lust.
Coats define the season; the trenches, blazer, puckers, bomber... you name it!

The season's hottie is still the strong shouldered Balmain-popularised silhouette: sharp shoulders (seen on Denim Jackets, formal blazers, tux jackets and leather jackets). I first got introduced to this silhouette, as a modern number, when Michael Jackson (RIP) worked the look during rehearsals for what was meant to be the concert of the century and I guess the can of lovelies (worms just sounds uurgh!) spilled over at the DeGorge mansions and we took notes. Rihanna, Beyonce and clicque appeared in public in what was last season's "must-have", the Balmain Military Jacket and the trend finally reaches our shores...

Karen Millen showed off this trend at Audi Fashion Week 2010, left, and she did a stella job at creating a strong basic, upon which, the creatives can go wild.

My mouth still waters when I think about this deconstructed trench coat Felipe Mazibuko wore to Arise Africa Fashion Week. It is really just one of those perfect fashion pieces (a couture objet d'art if you like) that serves to liven the most basic of outfits. Truly magnificent!

We've all had those day-after-the-night-before-scenes: you need to quickly run to the stores to buy Spicy Hot wings and a Ginger Beer Soda because nothing else remedies last night's partying. You quickly put on that trusted tracksuit and dash off. Well, turns out you can still nurse a hangover in style. The classic cosy-on-the-couch tracksuit jacket gets a facelift in the form of a heavy neckline and an asymmetric zip. (Reminds me of Dion Chang's alter-ego, Gloria, who nursed a champers hangover in a fabulous evening gown: who says you have to look how you feel?). Let's see if I have any PayPal credits, I need this number!
Trench coats! J'adore the one above. It almost mocks the double-breasted Trench coats by not having buttons but instead has a BEAUTIFUL, minimal but DeGorge button-detailed collar (misplaced buttons?) and it looks stunning with or without the belt (naturally, I prefer it with the belt - cinching the waist is always a must!).

These David Tlale trenches (above) are phenomenanl. The close attention to detail, the gorgeous finishes (and superb lining - A coat is only as good as it's lining - take note of the quality!) and more importantly the shape/silhouette formed. I am heavily into the neckline and shoulder construction (and lapel where applicable) of coats and they did all these justice. Simply DeGorge!

Remember I mentioned Spero Villioti and Thula Sindi (and August too) who used chiffon and satin in their Winter-Fall collection at the 2010 Audi Fashion Week? This trend, interestingly, was also seen at some of the collections at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year and, although I raise an eyebrow at this, I have to mention this new craze. Chiffon in winter - thin, dreamy material... for winter!? (after-thought: this would be great for my winter diet). I guess the trick here is layering . . . but how and where? I need to be tutored on this trend and how it would work in winter. Uhmm let's not discuss the August and Thula design similarities, okay? thanks!
Still on Thula, the DeGorgeous Mansion had a field day dreaming about this blazer, left. A blazer par excellence, for this season in my opinion! Absolutely DeGorge.

And, ofcourse, the denim Jacket - a must have! I like denim jackets because they are one of the few basics that do not yo-yo in-and-out of current trends... it's j-u-s-t always there (although it's enjoying airplay these days, thanks Rihanna). This cute number above is bang on trend with the military-inspired detail but what I like, more than anything, is the cute short zip which cinches the right areas thus accentuating (or creating) a heavenly body - who needs the gym right? LOL!
PS> fur is back!! fur collars, fur boleros, fur fur fur... heck, rock that faux fur if killing makes you cringe.
Pic credits: Simon Deiner,,,, and my good friend Sandile Nqayi for bringing a few of these gorgeous pieces to my attention

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