Monday, May 17, 2010

My hair

Elle Woods (from Legally Blonde) made a captivating speech about the most important thing in America - at any given moment - "my hair". The mane you are forced to wear unless you have chopping, styling or hiding trick and mine, as it happens, has come under the spotlight yet again.

My online colleagues at Frochic did a lovely piece on what adorns my head, my "TWA" (teeny-weeny Afro) as they describe it, hahaha! The pic below is how my "teeny-weeny" afro looks today - ballooned a bit, don u think? (eh, PS> please ignore the background... and my skin breakout - now you know why I'm indoors!)

We had a wonderful time reading it at the DeGorgeous Mansions - thank you!

...and some of those pictures, OMDeGorgeous (vain? Nnnnooo....)

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