Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Africa Fashion Week

So I need to start airing the furs and dusting the taffeta because that awesome week drew a day closer and I am excited! I love fashion week!

Africa Fashion International released the show schedule, of course AFI "reserves the right to [change, ditch and switch]" so this is provisional but look at the first day and tell me your mouth did not water..? (okay, eeuw! forget that!)

The show schedule (as released on Friday the 14th):

Wednesday 30th of June:

15:00 - Xuly Bet

16:30 - Korto/ Ituen Basi

18:00 - Deola Sagoe

19:30 - Soucha/Heni

21:00 - Klük CGDT

21:30 - David Tlale

I will be honest - i do not know how or why they'd put a 30 min gap between Klük and DT! Does not make any sense!! But the first day has me fired up! It’s going to be AMAZING!!

Thursday 1st of July

15:00 - Koketso Chiepe/ Christie Brown

16:30 - Laquan Smith / Bunmi Koko

18:00 - Fabiani

19:30 - Marianne Fassler

21:00 - Errol Arendz

21:30 - Abigail Betz

I am not about picking my favourites but I am soo excited about the Marianne Fassler show!

Friday 2nd of July

15:00 - Mataano/Gloria Wavamunno

17:30 - Sakina Msa / Sandra Muendane

19:00 - Stoned Cherrie

Saturday 3rd of July

13:00 - Qumi Bespoke / Noir

15:00 - Boudoir D'Huitres / Thula Sindi

17:30 - Carducci Man and Woman

19:30 - Guest Designer (Off-site), Suzaan perhaps? or is it an international fashion house? mmm...

The Fashion Awards are taking place on the 5th of July, on a Monday.

PS> they made provision for the soccer so YOU won't miss a second of anything, I guess you can have your cake and eat it too!

You can thank me later!

Yours in all things DeGorgeous,


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