Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Givenchy... meet Kluk CGDT... or have you met?

While trying to find what transpiredd at the Paris fashion shows, I came across a post BryanBoy did about the installation that Givenchy had at hotel d'Evreux.
Givenchy, Paris July 2010

I was amazed until the left - or was it the right? - side of my brain registered that this is a de ja vu! Not identical to a tee, obviously (given one is prete-porter and the other is haute couture), but these two collections are soooo similar!

Kluk CGDT - Paris March 2010

or am I grasping at nothing?

and this outfit by the Gaga one - did it also get a white splash, lighter material and beaded?

Look - before gunning for my head - I am just pointing out the similarities here... take time to go through each collection - you'll be surprised! But each has it's own, defining element and edginess but overall aesthetics... very similar!

okay - maybe I am going nutters -

pics: www.bryanboy.com , www.ifashion.co.za , www.thestylebitches.com

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