Thursday, August 19, 2010

Craig Native

Could someone please check his pulse or something... because I did not get why printed tees are worthy of being on a catwalk... really now! Mind you, this is the man who played stylist to edgy-snazzy dresser: Lenny Kravitz.

There were, out of the 30 odd pieces, only 3 that caught my attention (and not in a way that would get me to run around asking where I can find it - BTW, where does he retail his work these days? is it still at Edgars)?

I also noticed a lot of Davy/ Davie (can't recall his name all too well, but he runs the thrift-esque store on long street and happens to be friends with Craig) in this collection - the relaxed, thrift-store shopper type of personality and style in the clothes... was he the muse? (Not a bad start... I like Davie/Davie/Darvie's personal style! picture of him below, courtesy of Cinder & Skylark - check out her photobloggy)
"What u Ghana do"? catchy but too Ama-kipkip for my liking
Thread: No evident thread - except for a mental one: cool, laid back but with some kind of direction... a very Cape Town mentality (I would know, I lived there for a while).
Comment: Streetwear to the max... and not even a hint of compromising on the street cred. good thing? mmm.... Hope there's more to his label than what we saw!
pics (with the exception of the the one credited) are all by Simon Deiner

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