Friday, August 20, 2010

Tart and Michelle Ludek

Well - I think I need to juxtapose these designers given how similar their garments were.
Each with a signature stamp for their collection but their overall aesthetic is similar.

From Rock-chic punk-ish, back in 2008 when I first got acquainted to this label, to a sophisticated, modern day working woman... who still carries her hey-days on her sleeves (or wrist in this case) - this collection is very NOW: the one-shoulder pieces, jumpsuites, flowing dresses - all very feminine but with a touch of tomboy-ness - not a garish androgynous-look but I picked suggestions of it and I like how it all balanced out!
Her arranged colourful polka-dot print is so beautiful and she created perfect garments that any gal would love to have... and boy (particularly the scarves which also made good headwraps for some of the simple pieces).
Dr Precious Motsepe was spotted wearing the organised polka dot dress a few hours after this show...
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Comment: Well, the designer was quite rude (tread with caution)... but her clothes are lovely...
Michelle Ludek:

I had a great chat with Michelle when I was compiling the report for StyleHouseFiles (go check it out) and her stance on good business practice in the fashion industry is so similar to that of Thula Sindi - they are not about groundbreaking designs but allow their previous collection (and revenue created from that) dictate, or rather influence, the direction of the next collection. Loyal clients don't want a drastic change from "simple with a punch" clothing to outerspace creations... gradual changes are what consumers are after... atleast from one brand. This is a very intelligent step in growing a label and it establishes the brands signature - which is ALWAYS a must do - clothes sell themselves as a result of that.

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Comment: Beautiful, summer, freche, crisp, light, colourful... everything expected in a s/s collection. perhaps a little too predictable, you might think? Not quite... well, not from this label atleast... Michelle usually plays around with greys and blacks and the splash of colour (in guava/pinkish/mauve) was a real standout and props to her for that! (I am going through a magenta, in all it's shades,-liking period so her colour choices spoke to me... yes, i am being biased on this one, lol!). The cuts and finishes were superb! The silhouette was not new and radical (especially the black number above which reminds me of a memorable Kluk CGDT number Lindiwe Suttle might remember, Arise Africa fashion week 2009) - but it's perfect for South African summer when you don't want to compromise on looking good. OKAY, I loved this collection, comprende?
pics by simon deiner

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