Saturday, August 14, 2010

David West

Remember how excited I was about this show?

Well... slightly disappointed, won't lie! but there were some elements of the collection that really appealed to me - the classic David West pleats and beautifully constructed collars - the magic for this collection was in the minimal detail:

Thread - no apparent thread except for the continuous calf-length socks (very preppy).

Opinion: his detailing is just amazing! His material-bound foam fabric was DeGorge - and holds shape very well (my thought when i saw that was I can finally get to a party and leave it without looking like a wilted flower beacause the garment rapidly looses shape... Thank you for addressing this!). below is a pic of this material (it's actually not neoprene - material used for wetsuites and also used by LaQuan Smith in his Africa Fashion Week Collection - as I thought.)
Look - I was not exactly expecting avant garde or anything of the sort (not for a resort collection atleast) but a little bang on the design side would've gone a long way! But individually, the pieces are quite smart and I would have absolutely no qualms walking into his Old Biscuit mall store and purchasing something, but more attention should've been spent on assembling the garments for the catwalk...
BS> love the shoes and socks combo! so retro and so cool! (yes, cool!)

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