Saturday, August 14, 2010


With about a month to plan and execute a whole collection, I was nervous for this design duo - but to remind us all why they are so well accomplished, Malcolm and Christiaan gave us an eye-full.

Due to extremely bad lighting, sadly, their collection was not well displayed BUT then again, all the garments are on the online boutique so go grab yourself an original, even spotted one for R1200 (for my international readers, that's about US$150)
Thread: leopard print booties.
Opinion: there are a few garments that needed some brewing time. They were a remarkable design idea but needed some more time to develop - I found them a little, ummm... awkward (exhibit A below)
With that said the overall craftmanship and finishes cannot, by anyone, be questioned and that is commendable!

Also need to mention the bead work: took me back to what Abigail Betz did for her Africa Fashion Week 2010 collection - a plus by the way! Although a little sensitive for a resort collection but who said fashion has to always be practical? good job on that!

I, although annoyed at first, enjoyed their Viktor&Rolf-esque behind the scenes to set up the stage moment before the show. it created suspense and a twitter-hype (even spotted Carol Bouwer, front row, moving uncomfortably anticipating the show) - I liked it, lol!
pics by simon deiner

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