Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Haute finds by Marzipan

Last week Thursday (I know, forgive me for the late and delayed updates), I trotted off (yeah gained enough weight to use animal-innuendos) to a private Jewelry (hate spelling that word, is it Jewellery, Jewlry or wth?) sale and wine-and-cheese session where Passions and Marzipan had their gorgeous pieces up for grabs.

For the Joburg North folk, Passions was the Jewelry line from IVplay which retailed at Cedar Square (yes the Fourways mall with the F-tv Cafe where Paris Hilton was spotted partying...) - the shop has since shut down but the Jewelry and clothing line are still up for grabs - more on that later...

Marzipan! Marzipan! Marzipan!
I am in love with her costume Jewelry pieces. They are so fun, feminine and DeGorgeous. Makes you want to play dress-up, with bubbly on the side and "Girls just wanna have fun" playing int the background (yes, even I want to do that, lol) - just before sprinkling golden glitter around town (painting it red is sooo... BLEH!)

Her collection had pieces with (knitted) wool flowers, ribbons, buttons, semi-precious stones, brooch-like pendants, silverware, wood, shells... and in some cases, all of the above in one!

A few pieces from her extensive collection:
how about that for effortless dressing up? Any basic Tee would look great with that acting as a collar...
The charms on this one are also so dramatic that they can liven up the most mundane of outfits (and trust me, with a stunner like this one around your neck, simplicity is key)

This last pic has a very gypsy feel which and will put a much needed bang in, say... a "what you Ghana do" (Craig Native, Cape Town Fashion Week s/s 2010-11) type of outfit.

Karyn retails from Cape Town but pops into Joburg once in a while - why not drop her an email on: (she won't bite).

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