Friday, August 20, 2010

India Fashion Show


Guess what I found in my mailbox?

The Minister of Commerce and Industry of India, Mr Anand Sharma, has just "requested the pleasure of my company at a fashion show featuring Manish Malhotra and Satya Paul"

I will be honest, I do not watch much of Eastern Mosaic so the Indian Fashion scene is very foreign to me (except for some of the DeGorge fabrics that they use) - therefore I will go and acquaint myself with it at Turbine Hall on the 30th of August (show starts at 18h30 and i do not know whose showing first... not that it will make much of a difference).

Manish Malhotra and Paul are both known for adding a contemporary touch to the traditional Indian garb (so says a press release, lol) - so I want to see the transformation... I want to see the new "Sari" and how Indian Bridal Couture from celebrated design maestros looks - given how OTT the sari looks.

An added dazzle feature will be 3 beauty reigning beauty queens (from the land that has seen too many miss worlds): Ms Pantaloons India, International and Earth will also be taking to the ramps...

I will keep you posted... I'm Bollywooding kids!

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