Tuesday, August 31, 2010

India Fashion Show

I pardoned myself on not knowing a thing about the Indian fashion scene and I was not expecting much in terms of groundbreaking design. Aesthetically, I didn't get much of a mind orgy of any kind, I was, however, on high alert when it comes to the mixing of textures and fabrics.

Manish Malhotra's collection which had the most exquisite jodphur harems with luxurious textures with golden finished shacket (shirt/jacket), in the western world but in India, this is called a Kurta (education, hey?). The ladies' collection was more traditional in the sense that the usual Pinjabi (pants-shirtdress combo, pic of the female model above depicts this)/Garara (short blouse with drapping scarves) / Carara (skirt-and-shirtdress combo) / sari (which is traditionally a minimum of 6 metres... SIX METRES, omg!) reigned.
The most frequently used fabrics were suede (in rich tones: purple, maroon), silk, chiffon with golden finishes and scalloping-like techniques.
I was not thrown off my seat with excitement but it really is a treat to experience traditionally-inspired fashion as was the case with Manish's collection.

Satya Paul - although most of his collection did have the traditional garbs, there were plenty of western influences, which included short (freakum) dresses which were tastefully made. The burst of tie-dye (for lack of a better word - what's the technique called? looks like colour-bleeding but it's not, the term escapes me) techniques used were was also very impressive. This collection has global appeal which is also a very interesting take given that the basic design is a sari.
Did I mention the beadwork that went into this collection? Enlarge the last pic of Miss India. The whole dress is made of intricately placed beads and embellishing - did someone say Givenchy fall 2010? no? - (which made it so heavy, you could hear the dress smacking the wooden ramp) juxtaposed with a beaded chiffon shawl and matching cropped top (this bit is quite interesting seeing how I used to see India as a conservative society which is pro women covering it all up... I was clearly confusing this with another state because India is the land of flat tummies... and showing it off!).
I tweeted about an S&M-looking/pasa doble dress (in Red&Black) with a Clive Rundle looking tulle-headpiece with beads (above), how amazing is this garment though? Yes, it's not about to take over the design world but the mixing of hard and soft textures has such a fabulous contemporary feel that you cannot help but want to try it on, lol! The feather-detail cape was also something to look at.
Nicely done!
After being dazzled with couture, a culinary feast followed also with an Indian theme... one word: I am moving to Mumbai (ok, four words!), the dessert... yowza!
Thanks to the India Consulate (via Total Exposure) for the invitation... what an evening!
Pics by Simon Deiner

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