Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Spring Day

My Favourite season's here: WOOOOhoooo!!!

And this song from prep school keeps ringing in my head: "spring is here, spring is here... winds of darkness now go clear, birdie sing laa-la-la-laa praise be to our king" (or something like that) - I love this season! (sorry for all those with Immunoglobulin E issues -IgE: bit of Micribiology there...)

Time to clear the wardrobe and make room for the colourful and wonderful and with that comes a multitude of sales and I was sooo excited when I read who Ms Mili is bringing for her monthly Pulchritude sale: M-a-c-h-e-r-e (Christropher Strong's another one I just want to do the diski dance -do people still do that? - in excitement for)!!

Does not end there! David Tlale is hosting a trunk sale too, starting on Friday the 3rd of September and ends on the 4th of September at his Parktown North Studio (50A, 7th Avenue, Parktown North - same street as the RIP Moloko, just on the other side of Jan Smuts Street... not too far from the Nando's complex)

Waste no time in looking pretty!

Yours in all things DeGorgeous

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