Friday, August 13, 2010

Suzaan Heyns

She did again!!!

Never shy of Drama, this time she not only had a narrator to brief us on the garments (during the show, mind you), but to really set the "Voortrekkers from the Future" theme a-a-a-nd, a male collection.
Thread: Spandex and calf-high socks
Opinion:The triple layered collared jackets were superb but the slight bulginess of it left me questioning if this is a s/s collection or more trans-seasonal (which is the current trend, seasonal clothes are really a thing of the past - not with the current economic situations and post recession ripples).
Suzaan has really nurtured the balance between couture and prete-a-porter which sets her a head above the rest.

Well done!!
pics by Simon Deiner

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