Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amanda Laird Cherry

Armed in an unmistakable Amanda Laird Cherry Shirt, a Seshweshwe Asian wrap, I was geared up and giddy to see what Amanda (whose stable I haven't heard from in donkers) has in store for winter 2011.

Though I did not recognise Amanda's signature in this collection, I still enjoyed the fine detail that this collection was built on. For instance, the loosely knitted leggings (Durban, Amanda's hometown, rarely sees winter so this design element makes sense) added je ne sais quoi to basic shift dresses.

My favourite piece however are the high waist skirts with the tie-belts (which create a sobering break to what would otherwise be awkward skirts) which were teamed with skin-tight tops (with slits for thumbs, creating mitten looking detail, a trend borrowed from sportswear) and a knit accessory to finish the look with a DeGorge punch. Keyword: layering! blacks, greys and off-whites - classic winter colours (or playing too safe?)

With that said: what happened to the prints we love from Amanda? not even a hint or suggestion of them and that's how I failed to recognise the collection as hers... or is this a new chapter in Amanda's signature (or did she move away ages ago and I have not been up to speed)? Or where the animal hide shoes the link back to her classic "African look"? i guess only the next collection will tell.

pics by Simon Deiner of SDR (via

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