Friday, October 1, 2010

Elle New Talent Winner

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! Cleo Droomer walked away with the covetable title of the 2010 New Talent search winner, which will, no doubt, launch an a exciting career.
His entire collection was made up of leotards, leggings and skin-tight jumpsuits all in soft, pale hues and pastel colours - all very tastefully done. I did however, get a throwback at LaQuan Smith's collection at Africa Fashion Week with an Indashio Inspires' ss2009 collection (from New York Fashion Week), especially the mixing of colours and the "freakum dress" - which always see our dear models struggling - and the leotards - but it's his finishes that set him a head above many! But I reiterate, THAT PVC jacket, how I adore you!!! (just out of curiousity - how on earth did he manage to manipulate PVC to do that? and i hear this collection was done on a domestic machine - vs. industrial - and the entire collection was finished off in his garage? OMG...)
Cleo Droomer after accepting his award - well done!

Kutloano Molokomme is another one that deserves much praise. Of all the collections from the New Talents, his was the most coherent, well structured and showed knowledge far beyond his 21 years of age (if I say so myself). I particularly loved the versatile woven cups that one can wear from head to upper arms via shoulders giving interesting silhouettes (and easy on the pocket: frugalistas like moi were stunned by that). He mixes print and tartan in surprising ways and recreates the entire fabric to give a dramatic and DeGorge overall aesthetics... great stuff!
I also need to acknowledge these pants (below)... DRAMA! LURV'EM!
pics by Simon Deiner (SDR)

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