Saturday, November 13, 2010

Summer Lusts, Shoes!

I think everybody's summer lust is to have that DeGorge body we starve yearn for... until a time when we are all disciplined enough to not enjoy the things we love (Marie Antoinette-like delicacies), illusions of a svelte body are the best we can do. Right folks? Yes, Maque is right! LOL!

This season I want to explore unconventional summer looks, drawing inspiration from my favourite dress-season, winter: tweeds, scarves and layering.

Back in my varsity days in Cape Town (2006 to be precise), I went on a mad manhunt for a shoe that was versatile enough to be worn with just about anything (that means casual for varsity students) and without socks but still look "cool": - the no sock rule was unfathomable then (though I secretly liked it but feared gross judgement, how the times have changed, not just for the no sock look but my outlook on what I wear) - and I landed up with these cute espadrilles (though in a dilapidated state now given they only had 1 size smaller than what I wear, but i had to own them... I will deal with the aches and pains later). come 2010, Espadrilles rank as high as loafers (yes, I tell you!!) and they look goofy-chic (okay, maybe not these pleather super worn-in, 1 size too small ones that I have - though i still wear them, ssshhh, don't tell)

contrary to the weather, one of my biggest lusts this season are the DeGorge men's rugged boots. They are such an interesting stab at Retrosexuality - a look that is soooo difficult to execute - without looking too tacky! Played "The Satorialist" when I spotted a young lad rocking these amazing two-toned, two-"materialed" boots at SA Fashion Week:

Gone are the days when the weather dictates! it may not make any sense but I'm sure you've seen a couture show, sense - and practicality - should not be the leading source of inspiration for an outfit - unless you're uncomfortable(that's a topic all on it's own). Below are the Ksubi and Moma versions that caught my eye (I guess I will be punishing my plastic to get my fingers on these ones). In short: the rugged boots work particularly well with heavily worn-in jeans to score two brownie points in street cred.

Sandals - typical for summer - duh! - fashion's not a revolution, it's ancient traditions repeated with "new" surface level illusions of freshness - facadism really:

GLADIATORS for men!!! haute stuff! I am currently obssessed with these Miharayasuhiro ones (still in line with the rugged boots trend), the Givenchy studded gladiators, McQueens and these minimalistic Gucci and Louis Vuitton Sandals. HENI, I'm excited to say, also made the most fantastic Gladiators for men and I believe they will also feature at his trunk sale late November when he opens his Juta street store.
(images below appear in order as mentioned above)
PS> I would steer clear of the temptation to go all out to complement these with a full swordsman outfit (metal-kilt-like outfits and shield as an accessory, although.... no! steer clear!)

New on the block (not so new, but new):
Male Wedges (Medges) not only add much needed height (irrespective of how tall you are, more is good in this instance) but are a breakthrough - I hear "men in heels" screaming "Finally!" - in men's usually mundane shoe-design.
I am more taken by Rick Owen's, below left, than any other(ie. I vont zem!) - but Fendi, I believe, started - or rather, popularised - the trend TWO years ago (below, right).
How to wear them? crop your pants if wearing long pants and show'em off a la Fendi!

Obviously the usual apply; loafers, sneakers and on a major rise: BOAT shoes, have not featured them here - will let you in on why later.

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Alan Aurmont said...

Hey, Maque, any more info on the young lad's amazing two-toned, two-"materialed" boots from SA Fashion Week? I want them!!