Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Joburg, my love, my Jozi

I have been so slow with updates - apologies. I recently started a new job at a fabu-bubu Online Media company and have been overwhelmed by the teachings I've been receiving for the past two weeks (including learning how to use a MacBook well - sooo different - yes, a little late to be learning the fruity-software's workings, but I've never had to - glad I am though, super cool!).

The past three (Gawd, been a while) weeks have seen quite a punch in the fashion industry, notably the launch of the new Fashion Lane, Juta Street (downtown Johannesburg) and the media launch of Fashion Business Angola (which I will comment on much later).

Juta Street - the new fashion lane

Juta Street:With former Edcon Buyer and fashion extraordinaire, Vuyiswa "Vie Arem" Mutshekwane moving into the same space as fellow blogger, Eduardo "The fake Satorialist" with David Tlale's showroom a hop-and-skip away and several other stores all surrounding a rock-garden courtyard - Juta Street proved to be the new chic fashion hangout - without a doubt!
Vuyiswa (left) and TwentyTwo store - checkout the shop's blog here

TwentyTwo, or rather XXII, - VieArem's store - is a sub-zero cool store that stocks exclusive vintage clothing and designer wear that has not always been available for public consumption, with Tea and Whiskey jumping to my attention. Currently, the shop stocks mostly female ranges but from previous chats with Vie, she assures me that there will be plenty of men's clothing soon - I just hope I am on her mailing list!!

David Tlale not only opened a showroom at Juta, but he also moved his studio to a new by-invitation/appointment-only to-be-Tlale-fied loft studio (with a beautiful art gallery forming the ground floor entrance hall) which he proudly took me to for a quick preview - stunning!!

The Sunglass Hut event featuring one-in-twelve, uber-luxurious Bulgari sunglasses that fetch for R100 000 (that'd be close to US $7500) a pop also made for an interesting highlight. I went undercover as the "Sandtonista" to review the event - check it out here

Dominating my schedule as well:
- the much anticipated return of the MetroFm music awards, many, many more updates to follow
- the Mtv Base Music Awards (aka MMAs)
- the opening of Hush Club (a modern gentlemen's club with every bit of glam incorporated in what was hole-in-the-wall Moloko),
- Patron's "Viva Las Vegas" Party with a very CopaCabana-touch and gambling tables -
- and LOreal, or more specifically, Garnier-sponsored gala dinner for the face of Garnier (Even&Matte range) Connie Ferguson who was also celebrating her Jubilee year. Yes, no rest for the wicked!

Sandile Nqayi (friend of many years) and Maque DeG at Connie Ferguson's event (pants by David Tlale, still my favourite pants - hate choosing babies but I really love these pants).

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