Sunday, January 16, 2011

Gert Johan Coetzee

This young man is currently making air-waves. I got feeds saying Hollywood is requesting a GJC original. Well done young man!

Here's a short history of him breaking into Hollywood:
Lelo Boyana of Just Curious was one of the few ladies whose presence was requested at a dinner for the Kardashians when they visited South Africa. She presented the ladies with a dress from GJC.

A few weeks later, the dress was spotted on Red Carpet - or rather blue carpet if you want to be literal - worn by one of the Kardashians (if you know me, then you know I do not know one from the other, other than their fabulous mother Kris - she's beautifully nuts)Now Kristen Cavallari of"The Hills" fame, was also spotted in a Gert Johan Coetzee number after her agents requested it from the designer.

This cute number is from the fabric Gert used in his 2011 winter collection which brings out the beauty of the fabric versus the dowdy version he made for the ramp (read my review of that collection here) - thumbs up! well done!

Now, Gert, can we talk about that sequin bolero, from your 2011 fall collection, I've been nagging you about? Need it before you charge me 3months rent for it.

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