Monday, October 4, 2010

Gert Johan Coetzee

After, apparently (and I say this because I found no records of this), winning designer of the year at the Media 24 Fashion Awards on Saturday Afternoon, Gert got ready to showcase his first 2011 winter collection (in the absence of the face of the Brand and muse, Bonang Matheba).
As the Creative Director of Diamond Face Couture, Gert's signature was defined by tulle and Empire lines - this collection, under his own label, showed maturity - totally becoming! - and a significant change in his former (predictable) creative direction.
This collection, however, merged many other designers' styles and looks (a bit of Kluk CGDT here, a bit of Gavin Raja there and splashes of Clive Rundle), but watered down to give it a more "lived-in" look (which is comforting to the consumer as the clothes are no longer sculptured for perfectionists, but are ready to be included in many peoples wardrobes) - is this designing or the hand of a good stylist is the question to ask...
An overall interesting show (given how I've often wondered how some couture pieces could be translated into something for the consumer... this show showed me how).
pics by Simon Deiner (via

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