Sunday, February 20, 2011

Abigail Betz

Known for her Bridal wear, I was happy to see a drastic change in Abigail Betz's collection, for starters, it included the colour black and greys which I am lead to believe she has never used before.

Her 1950s-inspired collection is elegant and very high-tea-in-the-garden with a few lady friends (
you absolutely have to read that in your poshest English accent).

This change couldn't have have come at a better time... think about it - now that you've been married in an Abigail Betz, she now leads you into the new role of a leading lady in someone's life... a really sophisticated lady, for a gentleman... ahh! so glad to see the romantic in me still exists, lol

This collection, as the 1920s and 50s called for, is defined by voluminous dresses (and sleek shift dresses) but with a corporate feel which removes all images of just a high tea with lady friends and introduces a lifestyle of elegance...

The use of tulle in this collection was also very intelligently done - adding volume to the hips (which naturally makes the waist look smaller, there's your answer to trim down diets) and another trick I noted was also piling tulle in the front of the dress to highlight the beautifully constructed layered pleats in some of the dresses - this flattered most of the dresses and gave an overall amazing aesthetic.

Beautifully executed and as one of my interview subjects said, "it paid good homage to the era", but did nothing for those yearning for fresh concepts - read more on fashion week reviews on
(short interviews).

I'm looking forward to more!

Pics by Simon Deiner

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