Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spero Villioti

For the first few minutes, I was too busy clearing my eyes, clothes, notebook and bag of the silver and gold confetti which Spero Villioti used to depict Joburg skyline during the rain (silver) and sunset (gold). I was unfortunate enough to be seated directly below the confetti feeder so my bag looks like a disco inside - nevermind my hair (the pic above is a mobile phone pic taken as i was showered with gold and silver sprinkles)

What did manage to see was a fabulous New Year's eve party at a Johannesburg downtown upmarket loft . The cocktail dresses were tastefully made to show off the contours of a woman's body while the material gives life to the dated design details.

From the Joburg loft, Spero took us on a short journey to latin-america with wonderful displays of colour and even hints of the Mardis Gras with the beaded dress.

Overall though, the atmosphere of a party was created in the clothes but I couldn't scratch the itch that I've seen some of the work from other designers... like an amalgamation of so many other designs and as soon as I remember from where, I will let it be known! BUT a cheerful collection nonetheless!

The fits and finishes were impeccable, as one would expect from Spero, and though the collection will be difficult to incorporate into any wardrobe, they will definitely punch glamour into it.

GREAT! just pulled another confetti out of my 'fro.

pics by Simon Deiner

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