Monday, February 21, 2011


If you love TopShop in London, this collection will speak your language, fluently!!

Inspired by London street style, these ready to wear art pieces are completely DeGorge. I love the multiple zip coats and the cross-pendants! They all had a sombre, dark and mystical feel but with a fierce energy about them (did someone say Eclipse Movies?)... I was completely sold on this collection.

The styling of the collection also worked soo well too.

Another appealing factor was the tasteful use of tasseling, in clever nooks on the garments, to give movement to the outfits - a very sexy element to the grunge.

The tailoring and finishes were impeccable and I, not joking here, am eyeing a number to free my partner when wardrobe fails zip detail jacket.

The sheer material skirts with patch detailing to cover the ladybits was also a lovely sight - I just hope they have a shirt version because I am not holding back, watch this space!

On the otherside of my excitement was that this collection is very reminiscent of Suzaan Heyns' collection for Audi Joburg Fashion week 2010 collection, no? okay... the streets of London it is.

Images by Simon Deiner

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