Friday, February 4, 2011

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Launch

Two cocktails and the heels came off!

Rewind by three hours:
So I headed downtown to Randlords, again, for the Carolina Herrera fragrance launch and I was pleasantly surprised to find the party set up on the roof-top deck - a spot previously reserved for rain droplets - to find an interesting mix of people...

Top Left: (left to right) Zizo of Selimathunzi, 2 of the girls from Yo-Tv (was not introduced to them so forgive me for not knowing their names) and Thula Sindi
Top Right): Dion Chang with his partner, Chris

Top Left: Mokgadi Seab - how cute is her highwaist Adidas skirt? (yes, Adidas...)
top Right: Mpho Maboi, friend with Soap opera Queen (see what I did there?) Sophie Ndaba

Top Left: Marie Claire Beauty Editor, Zanele Khumalo (jumpsuits were a hit this season and I love her eveningwear version, sporty - note the pockets - but still done up enough to wear at night)
Top Right: Thandy Matlaila (Publicist for Inspiration Room) with her friend

Ladies in Grey... Top Left was a Thula Sindi dress (I will not mention where we saw this number, think Metro FM), Right - please note her healthy 'fro - thanks!

Top Left: simple but appealing outfit
Top Right: Dumi Gwebu (stylist and fashion contributor to several publications) in a Zara shirt - I guess someone's excited they're coming to our shores...

Top Left: Boni Henna with Noni Gasa (photo-hogger in pink can be ignored until further notice - actually no, she was one of the entertainers, the party-starters)
Top Right: Malaika singer, Tshidi who also got the grey-memo

Top Left: Dancing precursor of the night, Khabonina (sequins and tassles - not busy? no? looks good on the dancefloor though - I love how tassles move)
Top Right: Thula Sindi with Uyanda Mbuli (Dior Belt, Louboutin shoes and Louis Vuitton Bag. and SA-brand loyalty ma'am? you have your own Fashion House, how about supporting your design colleagues? unless the shoes are Phindi K's then forgive me)

Pity we did not get a run-through of the fragrance, you know: the how's and what's, and the brand (I always look forward to these presentations, they make life seem like a field of daisies: "the base notes are floral with a vanilla finish," they'd say, meanwhile all you can whiff is an Old-monied lady with a chinchilla collar, well, sometimes) - but the well-packed goodie bag meant one could more than give themself a whiffing session while googling what they need to know - I won't bore you with that.

The bottle reminded me of a naughty gadget I saw at a naughty shop while shopping for a naughty friend's christmas gift - don't ask - but it was also GOLD, something you'd like to find in your satchel until I remembered its purpose... again I won't bore you with that. If anything, get it for the bottle, I'd say, it will serve as a decorative piece long after the content's empty (might even get you a pretty penny in years to come - I'm assuming perfume bottles-collecting is still a hobby here).

The aforementioned kicked-off heels were a neglected when senses were knocked out due to good music, warm environment (no pursed lips here) and a bar in excess (a carry over of the feeling one might have owning a 212 VIP - maybe?
copywriting skills, testing 1,2-1,2)

Was such a lovely event to see new faces in the New Year (of the Rabbit - did your buck-toothed neighbour celebrate the acknowledgement? lol, I'm being silly!) Thank you Inspiration Room, had such a fun evening!

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