Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mimi Plange

AFI's African Fashion Week in 2010 was such a spectacle with established "African" designers from as far as London and New York showcasing their work in Sandton. Though this was a rather controversial move given that not all their clothes were available in South Africa or readily available (a grey area for me, which I will not touch on) - making them showcasing in South Africa a rather questionable move.

With, that said, however, I got to meet some of thee most fantastic designers including LaQuaan Smith and Mimi, who was trading under the name Boudhoir d'Huitres at the time (read the review here).

At her recent fashion show at New York Fashion Week, Mimi was live-tweeting about some of the front row guest which included the mighty fashion duo, Anna Wintour and Andre Leon Talley. I suddenly felt nervous... but when she later said Anna is such a sweet lady... I knew this was the start of something.

I have since received feeds, or rather read them as they weren't sent to me directly, from Vogue's Andre Leon Talley saying "Plange is a name to watch - she's got great promise." We all know what a nod from the mighty ALT can do for one's fashion career... Not only did he give the nod but also worded that Rihanna is hunting for "Mimi Plange-looks like a heat-seeking missile" - remember how Balmain got on steroids when Rihanna was spotted several times wearing their peaked shouldered Balmain Jacket? I reiterate ALT's words, lookout for Mimi Plange!!

Well done Mimi!!

images by Vogue

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ImpossibleIsNothing! said...

Oh WOW I love her work.

Stunning, so unique.