Saturday, February 19, 2011

Errol Arendz

It's safe to say, without a doubt, FUR is back!

Errol has always been known for tastefully made clothes which reflects his clientele who insist on quality, wear-ability, opulence, glamour and sophistication. I've always been under the impression that he has always moved with his clientele and has always remained current and relevant to them hence he never really conformed to trends - and I respected his business model for doing that.

2011 saw quite a drastic change. Errol kept his aesthetic but realigned his collection for a much younger crowd. This was evident in the length of some of the dresses and skirts. He kept some elements that would still appeal to his much older crowd... Overall, I just want to find out what his regulars think about this collection.

I personally did not recognize the Errol Arendz signature. I failed to see the "glamour and elegance" which I have always associated with his brand, I failed to see my imagined "Errol Arendz woman" in most of the garments from this collection...

Aesthetically speaking, the clothes are wearable, the pieces are, umm... lovely but where was Errol? I only picked up hints with the finishes and that was all I could see...

Without dwelling on the brand itself and looking at the garments individually, I actually saw what many women would see in this collection, a beautiful collection with ample pret-a-porter garments - but worry about Errol's premium prices for clothes that are just beautiful without an Errol signature (bar by some of the fur pieces).

Then again, this is only the first step in his rebranding (so it may appear)...

Pics by Simon Deiner

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