Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kluk CGdT

For me, there's only one word to describe this collection: shabby-chic!

With influences from Afghanistan, right through Morrocco and stretching to the East, Kluk CGdT's fall collection picked up some of the elements of the commoners in these countries' garbs and cleaned them up to make a richly coloured, multi-cultural representative collection of good taste.

With ample bows and waist-line cinching features, this collection is very feminine and BOLD at the same time. I loved the Asian-inspired gown and Asian wrap shirts. The Afghan prints on the plain material are DeGorge... love the SOS they give to the plain fabrics.

It, however lacked je ne sais quoi... there was something missing in the collection to have completed it, these elements were well covered:
The clothes had presence
Were beautifully styled, finished and tailored
Material choice was great and so were the colour palettes
BUT there was something I felt was not there...

AND it is with that element that's missing (which I cannot identify) that I am left a bit baffled by this collection... don't get me wrong, the clothes are DeGorgeous.

Pics by Simon Deiner

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