Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FEEL IT, it is here!

There was a buzz in the air in Sandton. The "United we stand" campaign, ran by Sun International, where Bafana Bafana (that's South Africa's soccer national team, in case you live under a rock), accompanied by celebrities, took to the streets to be blessed by supporters.
The Bafana Bafana bus.
Celebrity Bus
It proved to be successful with a rumoured 50 000 people taking part in bidding them goodluck before their first game on Friday (SA vs Mexico).

Even I, terrified of being seen in a soccer jersey (due to reasons unkown to me), participated by going all out with a SA-flag-covered vuvuzela (the sheathed one, not painted - an element of DeGorge needs to be maintained at all times!), SA mini-flags adorning my hair (three to be precise) and my lime, green, white and yellow ensemble (including the plimsoles) seemed almost appropriate... I took to the streets! It was electrifying!!

YUP! me, ten minutes before leaving work... #feeling it!

Africa Fashion International Staff members (and Total Exposure Publicist, Vista)

Dancing, Singing, horns being blown - it was just the perfect scene for fans (irrespective of gender, race and creed) to unite to build one powerhouse of supporters.

Loved everything about it!! It was like a street carnival in a yellow sea... how can you not like that?

Pics source - 1st pic courtesy of (Khanyi Mbau)

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