Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Men in Heels

As usual, I went all out reading my favourite reads and there has been quite a noise about men in heels.

It's not exactly "dragging" (drag-artist/ drag-queens... same page? okay!) as many would think or for the exhibitionist/S&M-scene - it's simply taking androgeny into the 21st century and beyond - elevating it from fierce make-up and on-the-fence look to new and exciting heights (ha! see what I did there?).
As many of you would know; I am a HUGE fan of the androgenous look but I still prefer it to look more avant garde than cock-in-frock (pardon the lingua!) as that parambulates more into dragging than androgeny - albeit there being a fine line between the two.

With that said - nothing makes a sharper statement than a mucho-man (the camel-advert man's look) wearing a well tailored suit with sky-high Loubs - this gives a soft edge to masculinity and I absolutely love the irony of juxtaposing the two.
For the more nancy(camp as a row of tents)'s take on androgeny - leggings, ferocious shirt and (get this fun bit) "the boyfriend" blazer while balancing vicariously on sculptured McQueen-esque towering heels. Anything by Gareth Pugh (eg. pics below) will also do the trick - think avant garde perfection: volume,
Or easier on the feet (and calves) is to wear couture piece (I'm refering to an impractical dress-like show-stopper kaftan) which epitomises femininity with Dr. Martins or an equi-hard textured/looking rough (and somewhat ruggered) boot to exaggerate and emphasize the contradiction (in short; an oxymoron of an outfit) and this latter description of androgeny is my favourite (one that even I have dabbled in) - very boho-chic!

Proenza bootie - a shoe that should've been for men, but who said it's for women?

Obviously the trick for the perfect male high-heeled shoe, in my oipnion, is to steer clear of the "pretty" shoes! The chic and "hideous" ones make the look work! If this makes little or no sense, ask yourself (when looking at a shoe, with the stiletto attached), is it r-e-a-l-l-y made for a woman? or take the easy way out and keep an eye out on Daphne Guinness (pic 1&2 below), Lady Gaga (aka Daphne Guiness if you do a comparative study of their looks), LaQuan Smith (pic 4 below), http://highheelspassion.blogspot.com/ and any shoe by McQueen or the fierce Nina Ricci booties (you know which ones I'm talking about! - pic 1 and 3 collage)- see where I am going with this? or for a subtle kick, flat booties with plenty of modern-tricks to liven them (the chloe booties I featured maybe?)!

Question remains - would you let your man try the look while you, like a starved hyena, rummage through his wardrobe for boyfriend jeans and blazer to get that flawless Aggy Agyness look?

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Siya Mahomba said...

Hi Marque! first let me just tell you how much i L.O.V.E you blog! I absoluteley enjoy reading it, very informative and never fails to provide a good chuckle!

You might be wondering why I'm commenting on such an old post. Well this this the post that got me hooked on two of my addictions: LaQuan Smith and your blog. A friend of mine sent me a link to your blog sometime ago. You had posted about Lady Gaga's uhm...interesting outfit to her sister's grad. I decided to read a few other posts and I was intantly hooked. I came across the post on LaQuan and another addiction of mine was developed.

The post about men in heel really go me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! I'm strictly opposed to the typical so stuff like this (breaking the bouderies) really interests me. I must say I quite enjoy going against societal norms and your blog has helped me a bit in that!

keep up the GorGeous work!