Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Final Africa Fashion Week - Show Schedule

As I anticipated, the show schedule does have changes to the one I posted here (and believe me, there will be more changes because there are areas in the schedule that still do not make any sense). Feast your eyes:

Wednesday (30 June)
15h00 Xuly Bet
16h30 Sakina Msa / Ituen Basi (change 1)
18h00 Deola Sagoe
19h30 Soucha/ Heni
21h00 Noir/Qumi Bespoke (change 2)
21h30 David Tlale
still 30 min between the two shows..? IMPOSSIBLE!!!

Thursday (1 July)
15h00 Koketso Chiepe / Christie Brown
16h30 LaQuan Smith / Bumni Koko
18h00 Fabiani
19h30 Marianne Fassler
21h00 Errol Arendz
21h30 Abigail Betz
I've dupped this "night of the legends" - judging from the last three.

Friday (2 July)
15h00 Mataano/Gloria Wavamunno
17h30 Suzaan Heyns/Sandra Muendane (change 3)
19h00 Stoned Cherrie

Saturday (3 July)
15h00 Boudoir D'Huitres / Thula Sindi
17h30 Carducci man and Carducci Woman
19h00 Kluk CGDT (change noted under "change 2")
so no surprise/guest designer?

I will elaborate more on this later - but: have you spotted the AFW advert which was set to be on air for the first time last night on SABC 3?
Yes, the one featuring the stunning Huggette! does that make her the face of AFW? Congratulations Guuurrl!

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