Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lady Million by Paco Rabanne

She's described as being Ultra-feminine, determined and terribly bold, she's vivacious and natural. Together with the "1 million" man, they make the glamorous power-couple many hope to be.

Yours in all things DeGorgeous was invited to the press launch of Lady Million which took place at Circa Gallery in Rosebank. The launch featured a fashion show of Paco Rabanne's 1968 collection ("The water" and "The fire") which were made of gold and silver plates - fitting for the Lady Million's personality and oh so relevant today, still (I guess the gross display of the archetype of indulgence and gluttony depicted by these garments make them timeless and truly remarkable, don't know how):
The perfume is fresh, floral and woody (ie. citrusy, flowery with a deep sensual finish) - which I actually like - it's trans-seasonal in that it has all the elements of the floral freshness of a summer scent and the "dark" scent of the winter fragrances. We all know Fashion is headed in that direction so here's a scent which follows suite - how very forward of them.

The guests were further treated to a presentation which included revealing the face of the "Lady Million" fragrance - the ferocious Dree Hemingway - who exudes all the powress that Lady Million possess... very seductive, if I say so myself

The handfull of guests included:
Jennifer Su with her husband - and yes, that's a Thula Sindi outfit (under the coat)

Actress, Choreographer and singer, Khabonina (centre) flanked by Thandy (from the Inspiration Room) and friend

Singer, actor and choreographer (he did the World Cup finale act) Somizi Mhlongo - please note his glove bling - with the brilliant artist known as "Ma se Kind" (Afrikaans for Mother's child- don't ask, I don't know)

Actress and A-list wedding planner, Sophie Ndaba, with a friend (check out her haute shoes... I thought they were Galliano's but turns out I was wrong - again, don't ask how I got the confirmation for that)

Socialite businesswoman, Uyanda Mbuli whiffing scents during the presentation of the make-up of the Lady Million fragrance
Maque DeGorgeous (second from the left) with Paco Rabanne Managing Director and Sandile Nqayi (friend and Product Manager of Garnier, yes, competitors! hehehe) flanked by models wearing Paco Rabanne.

PS: the goodie bag, DeGorge... thanks! (Thank you Inspiration Room - love your work!)

"A perfume should be as imbued with meaning as it is light to wear" - Paco Rabanne

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