Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clive Rundle

The Braille collection was possibly the strongest conceptual collection I've seen in a while. It had everything I loved about a collection: a clear thread, a storyline, a sense of anxiety as the plot thickens, live performance, challenging to understand and the show tailing off with a question - sounds like a movie, ey?


The dangerously fierce Refilwe - 1st picture- opened the show with an attack from a photographer skit and this was perfect to set the tone for the braille collection (without sounding condescending, Albinos' eyesight is highly sensitive to light hence the "attack" being absolutely perfect to kickstart the show)

As the show continued, with me glued to my seat in high-suspense mode, I recognised a lot of Xuly Bet's 90s Sports Collection in Clive's collection with an interesting modern twist to the PVC: pleats (PVC combined with tulle and pressed simultaneously to create heat pleats, also known as "permanent pleats" - that's how far the quality and care goes. I love it when a designer takes time to understand and rework the fabric before incorporating it in their designs, it shows love and care for their work, not just a design, sew and press garment - and I foresee Kutloano Molokomme from the Elle New Talent going in this direction in his career, not as couture and high end, but definitely quality and care in all his garbs).

Other than the PVC legwarmers, coats, capes and couture shirts (with folds, knots and "braille" patches), I loved the blue (let's not get into the shade it is) jumpsuit which covers the ENTIRE BODY (has glove like features for the fingers and sock-like finish for the feet - I agree that practically speaking, visiting the ladies will be an issue but that cannot be measured against looking DeGorge now can it?)

On a consumer level, I really want to see how stylists (and fashion eds) take this somewhat avant garde collection and dissolve it into something less intimidating for the everyday user. Every woman deserves, at the very least, 1 piece from this collection to add a mighty good bang in their closet but as it stands, only the truly daring would tread there, I hope I am wrong in saying that.

I wait with baited breath to see what happens...

pics by Simon Deiner (via www.ifashion.co.za)

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