Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Men's Collections

Where to go for a really good coat: House of Ole by Ole Ledimo!
(and his tuxedo slippers are amazing! Felipe Mazibuko Kunene, Style Architect, showed me Ole's new floral range and I vant zem! Not too many retailers make good slippers for men and Ole nailed it - I will keep you posted on these).

Ole's collection ranged from fitted, slouchy - almost nerdy - to perfect casual wear but it was the well fitted gear that caught my attention. His coats have magnificent detail but the one above, with a belt that cinches the waist without distorting the figure (to create feminine silhouettes), was the most impressive - nothing new (as expected from any male collection) but the detail and superb finishes made this collection stand out. Now where can I find your clothes Ole?
Boys and their Toys - Naked Ape

Any man still dreaming of the Wild-wild-West and the mysterious world of a Private Investigator, this collection brings you one step closer! With most of the clothes set in leather, I found this collection rather awkward even with the return of leather being well received- not sure if it speaks to me though... I've never been a fan of mixing formal wear (black-tie worthy) with leather, it murders the entire look - but now I'm seeing it under a different eye (check out pic three, top right) - a well fitted, blazer-cut leather jacket seems to be the trick.
This is the collection that spoke to me! all the quirky bits of detail I want in a garment are in these. Thabo Maserumule and "Ma se Kind", the brains behind the brand, featured classically cut suits and added contemporary bits which had influences that stretched to Morocco (and anything exotic like that is a fluent Maquenese speaker), this colelction was good eye-candy!
The entire collection was a beautiful burst of colour - which, in no way, stole any limelight from the beautiful designs.
My absolute favourite being the white shirt with 3 gold buttons a row (pic: above, right) - An interesting stab at the military trend - tres chic!
The formal shirt with it's own matching (removable) hoodie added street-cred to formal attire (and I love the juxtaposing of the two contrasting ideas). DeGorge!
Military-inspired, English suite touches with a Sophiatown-feel and fitted like a glove was the order of the day... as far as Ephraim's collection is concerned. I like the fabrics Ephraim used and the mixing of fabrics and the attention to detail that went into this collection. Again showing a gain in momentum for this label - a far cry from his earlier work which was a shiny, lustre-filled hybrid of French and Italian-suite mess. This was an excellent collection full of timeless pieces (Despite following the current trends).
I suggest you click on each image to absorb the detail in each piece, the turtle neck in particular.
pics by Simon Deiner and Ivan Naude (via

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