Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Malva Anti-Fashion Show

This was a laugh-a-minute show about all things fashion and the fashion faux pas that we've encountered: a show about all things taboo and I absolutely loved it! LURV'D'T!

My favourite grey-area subject was also touched on: Men in Heels and Androgyny (which I have discussed before) - the camp in heels, butch in heels and cock-in-a-frock (the show permits me to use such language) - it was phenomenal!

In short, the whole show was a drag act, with scenes reminiscent of "Priscilla, Queen of the dessert" all revolving around one girls wardrobe dilemma (you know how it is: wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear) - until her warnout, wasted fairy godmother came to the rescue (not so much rescue but to cause disarray to inspire fashion, a cute Hessian dress was her saving grace). All in all, a beautiful costume delight.
And yes, this was an on-calendar/scheduled show that took place during Fashion Week. SAFW, this year, was also about empowering all Art forms -street performances, installations, lace-making workshops and stage productions (as the one above) - all with a fashion common thread -Marvellous idea.
pics by Simon Deiner (via www.ifashion.co.za)

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