Friday, October 8, 2010

Indashio Inspires at New York Fashion Week: "I eat Glitter for Breakfast"

Allow me to introduce Indashio Inspires, for those who have never heard the name:

Bonang Matheba's Baby Star business partner, Koketso Chiepe, launched her label in South Africa last year at the Arise Africa Fashion week and again at Africa Fashion Week 2010 (read review here) - for each of these collections, she used the expertise of a New York A-list Stylist, self-taught and self-made Fashion Designer, Indashio Inspires. For the those who subscribe to DSTV ("cable"), you might also recognise him from the Vivica A Fox-hosted show on VH1, Glam God, where he won the title (or is that yet to play in South Africa?)

Well, Indashio showed again this year at New York Fashion Week and he sourced inspiration from Party Kids (think the the Party Monster era) where sequins, prints and psychedelic prints reigned supreme, but with a modern Gaga-inspired accents. The muse behind the collection was the nutty but awesome Amber Rose (Kanye West's ex) who also opened the show.

Amber Rose with Indashio Inspires (how ABBA are his boots?)

When I saw this collection, I thought: Bag of Skettles (which was, ironically, how Koketso described her 2010 Africa Fashion Week Collection).
It's certainly OTT and he did not spare one bit on colour - and I love the prints, they are so now! Keep in mind, this is his 2011 ss collection, so perhaps stocking up on the bursts of colours will see you through the 2010 and 2011 summer... don't you just love the convenience of forecasting based on New York Fashion Week?

Quick note for him:

Dear Indashio, sweety, huni-pie:

Where can we find your clothes?

Yours in all things DeGorgeous,

Here is the link for the full show - enjoy!

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Claudia said...

Those outrageous sunglasses Indashio and many of his models are wearing are Mercura nyc.