Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I am absolutely in love with this new blog I am reading!!

The whole blog is like one big girly-movie and it's super sweet.

I would obviously like to see more posts from her but I thoroughly understand that quality beats quantity - all the time! and that's exactly what her blog is, QUALITY!

It has a feel-good touch without the aggressiveness of a self-help book laced with humour that's tastefully presented...

Eish, I might get into trouble for doing this but this is one of my favourite posts by her and I just had to republish it - checkout the rest on her blog: http://tshepimolisana.blogspot.com

"Boxing Clever

My father is aging. I can tell this by the quality and depth of questions he asks me in general conversation.

This morning he put my mind at work: "do you see any similarities between you and a boxer?"

I was quiet for long enough to report back: "besides the fact that I float like a butterfly and sting like a bee?"

My dad, of course was humoured, but there was something far deeper than I had anticipated waiting behind the quietness of his question:
You see a boxer doesn't start out as a boxer. A young man with a good right hook will be spotted by a trainer, who will realise that his stance needs work will find a coach, who will see the potential in creating a star and find a pr manager who will find him an agent

(I was paying attention at this point)

But when the boxer goes out into the ring, all these people who saw his potential. The dietician who kept him at the right weight, the sponsors, the whole team- don't go out there with him. He goes to fight alone.
I saw the similiarity.

Okay, let me get back to reading more - this is too exciting (if you know her, please hug her for me!)

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Miss Tee said...

ha ha ha ha Maque! u naughty! wont u ease the poor soul's heart! lol! u knw hu it is!