Monday, November 1, 2010

GG Boutique - one for the girls

I was recently invited to check-out GG Boutique at the Radisson Eye (Sandton, Johannesburg). The brief I got mentioned that it's a store for fuller figured ladies - naturally, I rolled my eyes and thought of the usual garments women of size 38 plus are exposed to: frilly chiffons, kaftans, coats and ponchos. For a change, and pleasantly so, I was wrong!
After 30minutes of wandering the rails, I got to play stylist/personal shopper to a woman who walked into the shop - completely and utterly frustrated about the lack of stylish clothes for her body - and was getting ready for a gala dinner in honour of, let me rather not name-drop, but in short: She had to find a radishing number AND FAST!!

The short version of that story is: She left with several options for that event and an appointment to meet with me and her best gal-pals for a shopping session at GG-boutique because, and these are her words, there is none like it.

I thought I'd share some of the looks I fell in love with and hopefully will inspire ATMed (African Trade Marks) ladies to demand better garments than Chiffons, lace and pashminas to, in essence, hide their bodies instead of accentuating areas that take them a step closer to Cleopatra. PS these looks are all from GG Boutique (and thank you for the invitation Dr G, I love your Boutique!!)

Polka-dot, pleated cocktail stunner - how DeGorge is it?

With Breton stripes dominating the fashion scene - the troublesome horizontal stripes make you bigger dilemma faces many women... well, true! but what if, you created a mad illusion using the same Breton stripes? perhaps a draw-string cardigan with waterfall features (those would be the long hanging bits on the ends) to off-set the monotony of the horizontal stripes? I paired it with stud-detailed leggings for this look - DO NOT BE AFRAID OF THE STRIPES!

For the corporate girls: Classic Black and white always does the trick. Well, this pinafore dress and ruffled shirt (we all need a little drama) matched with these AWESOME gold-bow-detailed, patent captoed leather Chanel pumps scream "I am SERIOUS" and it's such a timeless look! We love it at the DeGorgeous Mansions!

Couldn't resist these two looks - no narrative needed.

I know, I know: it's a Poncho! But the detail on this number is amazing. (side-note: I only really picked this one out because it's sooo reminiscent of Chloe's collection - oversized coats in tans, beiges and browns - and you know how I feel about Chloe's last few collections...)

This Queen-Elizabeth(the second)-esque number warmed my heart - FABULOUSLY timeless in a rich royal colour!

Costume Jewelry - still so in!

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Aasia said...

Love this, Totally have to go check it out. Was bemoaning my lack of fashion sense a few hours ago. This could be the place to shut me the hell up! Will definitely have a look, and may even beg a favour from you to tag along and teach me in the ways of fashion.


Friend of @zk's :)

Maque DeGorgeous said...


YEAY! that would be fun! drop me an email and I could take you there and assist where i can!!

trust me, they have DeGorgeous pieces!